Catholic Education Support

Do you know if you are listed as a Catholic School supporter? During municipal elections, it is important that you are registered as a supporter of Catholic education. Municipal elections are important to the future of Catholic Education and to Catholic families whose ongoing support is instrumental in the preservation and enhancement of the system.

Why This is Important:

During municipal elections, you must be listed on the municipal tax rolls as a Roman Catholic separate school supporter in order to be able to vote for trustees of the Northeastern Catholic District School Board.

How To Find Out If You Are Registered Correctly:

Have You Recently Moved?

Even if you have been a Catholic school supporter in the past, this designation DOES NOT follow you when you move. Each and every time you move, it is essential that you re-declare yourself as a Catholic school supporter.

Do You Have A Non-Catholic Spouse?

If you are Catholic, but your spouse is not, they cannot register as a Catholic School Supporter, but you still can. For more information on how to do this, please contact us.

What To Do If You're Not Registered Correctly

If you are not correctly registered as a Catholic School Supporter, please contact us immediately so that the change can be made before the next Municipal election. You can call us at 1-877-422-9322 or (705) 268-7443, or send us email using our feedback form.

Support Catholic Education By Making Sure You Are Listed Correctly - It's Your Right!