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French Immersion in Timmins and the Surrounding Areas

Mme. Harkins’ grade 7 and 8 students completed a French Reader’s Theatre project and presented it to the Grade ¾, 5 and 6 French Immersion classrooms of Pope Francis Elementary School.

In the winter-themed Reader’s Theatre productions, students had to include props and a lesson/moral to the story.

The Extended French program is presently offered in the southern region of our Board. Starting in grade 5, the students will receive French language instructions for 25% of their day. The subjects that are instructed in French are: Social Studies/History/Geography, Visual Arts and French. By the end of grade 8, the students will have accumulated a minimum of 1260 hours in French instruction.

Why French?

At our schools, we offer French as a second language. Learning this language has countless benefits for your child, such as:

Culture: The French language is a significant part of Canadian culture. Your child will be able to immerse themselves in it fully, by learning the language.

Communication: Being able to speak and write in French will help your child expand their communication skills while travelling in French-speaking areas in the country and across the world.

Education: Knowing French opens up a whole host of possibilities for your child in terms of education. They will have more options while opting for higher studies and other programs, which will enrich their learning.

Travelling: Being able to speak the language of the area you're travelling to can transform your experience into something beautiful. Apart from the French-speaking regions in Canada, there are countless areas across the globe that speak the language.

Career opportunities: French comes in the list of the most spoken languages in the world. This also means that an extensive range of operations are conducted using it. Knowing French will help your child capitalize on these opportunities.

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