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Employer Benefits

  • Gives the employer the opportunity to train a young apprentice who is full of energy and enthusiasm in a real working environment
  • Employers can assist OYAP students into becoming interested in a skilled profession at an earlier age
  • Helps to build a skilled work force by increasing student awareness of your company within the community
  • Employers have the opportunity to assess the potential employee at the work site and train the student apprentice to their expectations and standards
  • Employers have the option to continue or stop the apprenticeship training at the end of the co-op placement
  • Employers can now apply for an Apprenticeship Training Tax Credit that would allow an employee to hire and train an apprentice and be eligible to receive a 25 per cent refund on salaries and wages paid to an apprentice in a qualifying skilled trade
  • OYAP provides employers with a new source of workers to address the shortage of skilled workers in Canada today
  • By training an OYAP student, it gives the employer direct access to recruiting and retaining a future employee that they themselves have assisted in training
  • Reduces training costs
  • Workers Safety Insurance Board protection for the student is covered by the Ministry of Education

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