NCDSB - O'Gorman High School OYAP

Student Benefits

  • Earn credits towards an OSSD while training as a registered apprentice.
  • Learn while building a successful career.
  • Apprenticeships are, generally, offered in four sectors: construction, motive power, industrial and service.
  • The skilled trades offer career opportunities, job satisfaction and excellent economic rewards to young, motivated, bright students.
  • Spend half of the school year in school and the other half at work.
  • Once indentured or registered as an apprentice, the hours worked are logged toward the number of hours required for journeyperson status in the chosen trade.
  • Earn credits and log apprenticeship hours.
  • Continue the apprenticeship after earning the OSSD.
  • Students may return for another semester or year if additional credits are needed.
  • Enter an apprenticeship at an earlier age - an advantage to both students and employers.
  • The combined knowledge and talents of the partners involved in OYAP creates the best possible learning/training situations for candidates in the program.

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