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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are students provided with Workers Safety Insurance coverage?

A: Yes, the Ministry of Education covers the student under WSIB during the work placement. When the student is registered as an apprentice and PAID, the employer provides the WSIB protection. This coverage is documented in the form of a Work Education Agreement (WEA) , which is signed, by the employer, student, parent and teacher prior to the student commencing work.

Q: Are students paid for their apprenticeship training?

 students are not expected to be paid during their co-operative education workplace placement. The co-op workplace placement normally terminates at the end of the semester and the employer no longer has an obligation to keep the student as an apprentice. If the employer chooses to prolong the OYAP apprenticeship at the end of the co-op placement, the employer would then be responsible for the student's WSIB coverage. If the student returns or continues their apprenticeship after their co-op placement, it is also expected that the employer would be willing to sponsor the student as a paid, registered apprentice.

Q: As an employer, how do I choose the employee to train the student?

A: Selection is dependent upon your knowledge of your employees, and who would best suit the trainer role. The OYAP Coordinator or Co-operative Education teacher could assist you with this decision.

Q: Should students be performing actual job functions at my place of employment?

A: Absolutely! Students are expected to learn all of the skill competencies necessary to meet the skills and requirements of the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities for that particular apprenticeship. As the student becomes more proficient, it is expected that the level of responsibility will also increase. The student's participation will be limited only by legal regulations, safety precautions, and judgment calls made by the employer.

Q: Am I obligated to accept the student(s) after the interview process?

A: The final choice is ultimately up to the employer. The student must fit the employer's criterion as a potential employee. The employer is under no obligation to accept the student after the interview.

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