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Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP)

The Ontario Youth Apprenticeship Program (OYAP) is a planned school-career program that is specifically designed to enable students to gain the knowledge, skills, and experience necessary to prepare them for an apprenticeship in a skilled trade. Apprenticeships are available in over 130 regulated trades within the construction, industrial, service and agricultural sectors.

Students gain cooperative education credits for OYAP work experience and begin working on competencies for the apprenticeship.

A student involved in OYAP must:

  • be enrolled full-time at school;
  • be at least 16 years of age;
  • have completed a minimum of 16 credits,
  • obtain all the compulsory credits for an OSSD;
  • be interested in pursuing a career in the trades;
  • enter into the selection and interview process for OYAP.

Specialist High Skills Major

The new Specialist High Skills Major will provide students with a solid academic grounding, citizenship values and more experiential learning that is best suited to individual potential.

Students enrolled in the Specialist High Skills Major will bundle 10 courses in their area of interest to match with post-secondary, apprenticeship or workplace learning requirements. Bundles are arranged according to specific sectors, including: business, the arts, manufacturing, health care, construction, hospitality, information technology, and mathematics.

Students who major in high skills will have more opportunity to participate in experiential learning through employers, skills training centres, and colleges and community organizations. Students may also earn industry recognized certifications, which may include CPR, first aid, software for CAD/CAM and Net+.

The result will give students who are pursuing a Specialist High Skills Major many more opportunities for on-site learning while still completing the Ontario Secondary School Graduate Requirements. O'Gorman High School offers the Construction High Skills Major.


What is e-Learning?
E-Learning is an online learning environment that uses a variety non-traditional learning technologies such as electronic white-boards, chat room, e-mail, and threaded discussion. E-learning provides access for students to credit courses needed in order to graduate and proceed to post-secondary education or the workforce.

What are the Benefits of e-Learning?
E-Learning gives learners the flexibility they need to succeed and customize their learning plan to fit their education goals. Students are able to access course material at any time from any place as long as they have Internet access. E-Learning enhances their knowledge and comfort with online technology and engages students in the wider world of electronic learning and communication.

Why Take an e-Learning Course?
Students like e-learning for a variety of reason. For example, with the approval of their board, they might be able to take a course that's not offered at their own school. Some may not be able to attend regular classes because they're ill. Others simply love the flexibility of learning online. E-learning gives students skills they'll need in post secondary education and the world of work.

What makes a good e-Learning student?
A successful e-Learning student is one who carefully reads course expectations and the course outline. A good e-Learning sets realistic schedules, goals and deadlines. A successful e-learner plans time to take tests and does not procrastinate. Also, successful e-learners stay in touch with the teacher and make connections with classmates. Finally, good e-Learners must take time to evaluate their progress and take time to discuss progress with the teachers.

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